Hi everyone

A little intro 1st

I am from Singapore. Doing my NS now, though i do wish i was in uni there is always the duty to the nation i suppose. From young i have been interested and in love with math and science. Through the years i developed my interest for engineering and to be specific aerospace. But i am still open to doing any kind of engineering for now.

As for my education, i graduated from National Junior College.

I have taught a number of juniors and peers math and science. So i thought that i would go online and help many others out there who meet up with problems in math.

This blog is mainly for those from primary all the way to high school. Sorry uni folks, i am not in uni yet so i cannot help. So ya, if there is a problem that you cannot solve or something in a topic you cannot understand, just post and i would do my best to help you as soon as possible.


Cheers and love numbers 😉

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